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ShowGuys #339
The Best Of ShowGuys
Daddies and Boys


The first time Sam laid eyes on adorable little twink Nick Cross,he knew he would be a perfect match with Matthew James. The fact that Nick professed a preference for older men made this a made in heaven pairing. And the smiles on both faces prove how right Sam’s instincts were. They start in their undershorts,and very soon are into deep kissing with lots of tongue. Both guys’ hands keep wandering to the bulge in their partner’s crotch,and finally Matthew reaches into Nick’s drawers and frees the beautiful,hard,uncut cock he finds. And of course,Nick’s dick goes immediately down Matthew’s throat. But Matthew too is so excited his own hard dick pushes out of the top of his shorts. Matthew is a wonderful deep-throater,and Nick loves the ministrations. Matthew sheds his underwear revealing his marvelous long,thick and as always,hard as iron weapon,and Nick starts slobbering over it. He goes so far down on Matthew that he starts to choke and the tears pour from his eyes. Matthew puts Nick on his hands and knees,and sticks his tongue into the exposed (and very hairy) hole. Matthew loves to rim,and Nick loves every second. But it’s Nick’s turn,so Matthew gets on his hands and knees,and Nick sticks first his tongue,then a finger up Matthew’s ass.

They get on their knees and pose for the camera,then Nick stands up and Matthew does some more deep-throating. Matthew stands up beside the bed,and Nick sucks on him some more,his own rock hard dick jutting out from his body. Nick lies on his back,throws his legs over his head,and Matthew once more chows down on the enticing bottom. Sam suggests that Nick puts on a condom,but Nick says he wants Matthew to fuck him first. So the condom goes onto Matthew’s monster,Matthew lies down,and Nick sits on him; the huge weapon looks as if it will split Nick in half,but Nick perseveres,and soon Matthew is buried up to the pubes. Mathew starts pumping in and out,faster and faster. Nick turns around and we get a great frog; Nick moans with pleasure. They roll into the spoon,then into doggie-style,and Matthew keeps assaulting Nick’s ass hole. But it’s time for payback,so now Nick puts on a condom,Matthew lies on his back,and Nick fucks him in the missionary position. Matthew then sits on Nick’s cock,and finally we get the frog again. But now Matthew dons the condom,sits in the chair and Nick sits on him. Matthew,with his dick buried up Nick’s ass,then picks the lad up,lays him on the bed,and plows him in the missionary position. And very soon Nick shoots a huge load,all the way up to his chin. Matthew pulls out,and jerks off to his own mighty orgasm,further covering Nick’s body with jism. Two very happy guys kiss once more and wave goodbye to a very satisfied group of viewers.

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amateur porn dvd

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When young blond porn pup Luke Riley meets porn super-star Brad Benton,sparks fly from the get-go. They are so into their making out,they don’t even notice the camera has started rolling. Brad licks all up and down Luke’s body,paying special attention to the armpits,while their crotches are grinding together. Brad sits on Luke who pulls his underwear down revealing Brad’s long,thick and very hard cock. Brad,in return,licks down Luke’s body,frees his dick from the confining underwear,and puts it in his mouth. Finally the shorts come off altogether,and we see both guys in all their glory,their cocks hard as steel. They stand up and pose,then Brad shoves Luke down on the bed and shoves his tongue down his throat while feeling around his body and playing with his dick. Now Brad deep throats Luke,sending the young man into paroxysms of delight. Brad lies on his back,Luke gets on top,and Brad’s dick rides up and down Luke’s crack,then they reverse positions. Brad turns Luke over,and shows us his hot hole into which he shoves his tongue,then Brad puts Luke’s toes in his mouth. But Brad loves to rim so he goes back to burying his face in Luke’s ass.

Brad gets on his back and Luke fucks his face,then,once again,they reverse positions. Luke puts Brad on his back with his legs in the air and gives him a thorough rimming. Brad goes up on his shoulders,and Luke really chows down. The moans of lust fill the studio; these guys are putting on a scorching show. Brad grabs the lube,Luke puts on a condom,Brad lies on his back and Luke slowly shoves his rock hard cock up Brad’s ass. Now Luke lies down,Brad sits on him,and the serious fucking begins. They roll over into the missionary position,but Brad has to call a halt because he is too close to cumming. Luke goes back on his back and Brad sits on him facing the camera,giving us a great frog,then they go into the spoon position. Sam calls a break,and it’s payback time. Luke lies back,Brad stands up,and fucks him in the missionary position,then they go into the spoon,and finally Luke sits up into another frog,followed by doggie style. Finally Luke once again lies on his back and once again gets fucked in the missionary position. And while his dick is plowing in and out of Luke,Brad jerks him off until Luke can’t hold out any more,and shoots his load all over himself. Brad lies down,and while Luke plays with his balls and ass,Brad jerks himself to his own gushing orgasm. Both guys and the watching audience are limp but happy,as another spectacular scene on ShowGuys ends.

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amateur porn dvd

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos


Marco Rodriguez is a handsome,hairy chested “Daddy” with a huge uncut cock,but who prefers to bottom,and our beautiful twenty year old Tim,who prefers to top,loves older men. Both guy’s eyes light up when they meet minutes before the scene starts,and are soon kissing hotly and heavily with lots of tongue. They get each other’s shirts off,and let their hands and mouths roam over the exposed torsos. Marco pushes Tim down on the bed,and liberates the already rock hard dick threatening to burst the lad’s underwear. Tim opens Marco’s jeans,and exposes another rigid member. Marco’s dick is long and thick,and Tim wastes no time getting it down his throat. Marco strips off his jeans,stands up on the bed,and gets a thorough cock sucking. Marco then goes on his knees,Tim stands up,and Marco returns the favor,his own dick sticking straight out from his body. The guys both get on their knees and pose for the camera. Tim lies on his back,and Marco fucks his face,then they sixty-nine. They show off their asses,then Marco gets on top of Tim,and Tim’s dick rides up and down Marco’s ass crack. Next he straddles Tim’s head,and gets his balls licked,followed by more sixty-nining. These studs are so hot the camera practically melts.

Finally Marco gets on top of Tim,reaches behind himself and puts a condom on Tim’s rigid member,then impales himself,and Tim starts pounding up into the hot,older man. They roll over,and suddenly Tim is fucking Marco in the missionary position. They bring their asses to the camera,Tim gets on his knees,and shoves down into Marco. Now Tim lies on his back with his head towards the camera,and Marco sits on him,also facing the camera,giving us a variation of the frog. They bring their backs to the camera and Tim continues slamming up into Marco,then Marco turns around and we get the real frog. Marco’s cock waves wildly around. They take a break,then Tim re-condoms,Marco lies over an arm of the chair,and Tim fucks him doggie-style,then Tim sits in the chair and Marco sits on Tim. They move back to the bed and the fucking continues; Tim’s rigid dick can’t get enough of Marco’s willing ass. Finally Marco gets on this back,and Tim fucks him in the missionary position. And all the pounding against his prostate causes Marco almost immediately to explode in an avalanche of white cum. Tim pulls out and strokes both his own dick and Marco’s,and soon he too shoots a steaming load. The two studs kiss,wave goodbye,and one of the most scorching scenes seen in a long time comes to an end.
amateur porn dvd

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos


Tucker Forrest and his Prince Albert have become a favorite on ShowGuys,and Chad Brock is a hot,handsome,older stud doing his first porn show ever. Tucker loves challenges,and was happy to volunteer to take Chad’s video cherry. They are stripped down to their shorts and tee shirts,and start the scene kissing and feeling each other’s bodies,especially the crotch area. Chad gets Tucker’s shorts off and his cock down his throat. Chad may be new to the camera,but the way he deep-throats Tucker proves he is not new to gay sex; Tucker’s dick shoots to full mast. The guys get naked and now Tucker puts his mouth on Chad’s long,thick appendage,and proves that he too is a great cock sucker. They get on their knees and show off their hard and very impressive dicks while deep kissing,then Chad gets off the bed,Tucker gets on his hands and knees,Chad spreads Tucker’s ass cheeks,and buries his face. Tucker turns over,throws his legs over his head,and Chad has a ball eating out Tucker’s hot hole.

Next Chad gets on his hands and knees,and Tucker goes to town rimming him,then Tucker gets over Chad and gets his balls licked. Tucker turns around and Chad’s dick rides up and down his crack. But Sam says it’s time for someone to put on a condom,so the two confer,and it’s Tucker who gets ready to top. Tucker lies down,Chad gets on top,and Tucker’s cock slides easily up into Chad’s hole. Tucker starts thrusting,his fat cock stretches Chad’s hole mercilessly. Chad turns around into his first frog; his cock is like a piece of steel. Chad is obviously enjoying his first film scene. They roll into the spoon position,and Tucker’s hard weapon keeps on punishing Chad’s ass. They take a break and now Chad puts on a condom and Tucker sits on him. But Chad really prefers to bottom,so Tucker fucks him doggie style,his cock plunging in and out of Chad’s ass. Next Chad gets on his back with his legs in the air,and Tucker plows him in the missionary position. Tucker in implacable in his punishment,shoving in and out of Chad’s ass hole. And the constant pounding on his prostate causes Chad to spew his cum all over his own stomach. Tucker pulls out and jerks off,adding his shower of cum to the mess on Chad’s body. Two very happy guys kiss one more time,and a great scene,introducing a great new model,ends.

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amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

ShowGuys #339 - The Best Of ShowGuys
Daddies and Boys

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