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Jesse Bryce and Jordan Jax

Jesse Bryce and Jordan Jax are two of ShowGuys' favorite bottoms. So when they come to Sam and say they want to do a scene together,he is a trifle skeptical,but agrees. Was Sam in for a surprise!

The scene starts with the camera focused on two bulging crotches,then pans up to the two guys deep kissing. Both these studs have great senses of humor,(one calls this scene the ShowGuys Comedy Hour),and spend a few minutes kidding with Sam wondering if they can function as tops,but they are soon back to making out. They get rid of their shirts,and Jesse pulls Jordan's shorts off,revealing a large,curved and very hard cock. Jesse slips off his shorts,and Jordan starts sucking on the exposed weapon,proving himself an expert deep-throater,and soon getting Jesse to full erection.

They get on their knees and show off their huge pieces; they are a very close match. Jesse now proves just how spectacular he is at sucking dick. Jordan lies back,and Jesse continues to use his mouth and tongue on Jordan's cock. Now Jesse lies on the bed and Jordan goes back to sucking him. Jesse gets on his hand and knees with his back to the camera,and Jordan spreads his cheeks,followed by Jordan showing off his hot hole. But it's time to start the fucking. So the guys decide who is going to top first,and finally ask the viewers what they want to see.

Jordan puts on a condom,lies on his back,Jesse gets on top with his back to the camera,and eases Jordan's cock up into him,and Jordan is topping for the first time ever on camera. Jesse turns around into a great frog,and Jordan really pounds up into him. They roll over into the spoon,and then Jordan fucks Jesse doggie style. But it's revenge time. So Jesse puts on a condom,lies on his back,and now Jordan sits on him facing away from the camera,and impales himself. And now Jesse pounds up into Jordan. Jordan turns around into the frog,and Jesse continues thrusting. Jordan gets up and gets a large dildo,then sits back down on Jesse,and shoves the dildo up Jesse's ass. So while Jesse is fucking Jordan,the dildo is fucking Jesse.

It's time to cum. So Jesse lies on his back,Jordan gets on his knees over him,and the two jerk off. Jesse shoots first all over himself,soon followed by Jordan who adds his cum to the mess on Jesse's stomach. The two studs get on their knees,(both still as hard as a rock),and two of ShowGuys' favorite bottoms prove with a vengeance that they can top with the best. And sadly,a very hot and very fun show ends.

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ShowGuys #463 - Jesse Bryce and Jordan Jax

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