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ShowGuys #60 -
New Year's Eve 2003 Orgy

It is December 31st,2003,and what better way for ShowGuys Video to welcome 2004 than to have a New Year’s Eve Orgy! Beginning the orgy we have Jessie sucking ever-hard Logan,and Bruce sucking monster dick Sean Durand. This is Jessie’s first appearance on ShowGuys,but he jumps right in. Jessie turns his attention to Bruce and his crooked cock,and Sean sticks his tongue up Bruce’s asshole,while Logan sits on the couch and watches. But soon the guys switch positions,Jessie sucks Bruce and Logan sucks Sean,who soon returns the favor. Bruce lies on his back and uses his mouth on Sean’s balls while Logan sucks Sean’s dick and Jessie sucks Bruce. Sam decides to start the fucking,Logan puts on a condom and Bruce sits on him. Logan’s hard pole slides up Bruce’s hot shaft. Sean and Jessie watch while Logan pounds Bruce. And suddenly a naked AG enters the scene and starts sucking on Sean’s huge dick. Next Nick Kidman arrives,and he too is fascinated by Sean’s monster prong. Nick as always has a dick of steel made even harder by having Sean’s horse cock down his throat. Favorite Dean Edwards joins the scene and he too gravitates to Sean’s pole. But Sean is interested in fucking Bruce,so he sheathes up,shoves the monster in,and starts pumping. The sound of this thighs slapping against Bruce’s ass fills the room. A few minutes of heavy cock-sucking follows,and Sean again puts on protection,lies down,and AG,after applying massive amounts of lube,sits on him. And at the same time,Sam suddenly realizes that Bruce is fucking Nick Kidman,who is usually a top! They change positions,Bruce lies down and Nick sits on him so we have side by side fucking. Jonny Kfir enters,as adorable as ever. And the first cum shot is from Logan. In the meantime,Nick is now on his back being plowed by Bruce,and Dean moves in behind and shoves his hard dick up Bruce’s ass,so we have a sandwich with Bruce as the filling. Nick’s prostate can’t take any more and he shoots his huge load all over himself,soon followed by Sean and Jessie,both of whom also cum all over Nick. The shooters exit,leaving Jonny,Bruce and Dean,who are joined by one of the original ShowGuys,Carlos. Dean,as usual,is sporting loads of pre-cum which he eagerly eats. Bruce now gets his revenge and fucks Dean who takes the frog position,allowing Bruce to thrust up into him. Meanwhile Jonny and Carlos are practicing docking with their uncut cocks,and Bruce and Dean go into doggie style. Dean cums next,and Bruce shoots his load into Dean’s waiting hand who smears his cum all over him. Bruce and Dean wish everyone Happy New Year and leave,and Jonny and Carlos take turns sucking each other. Jonny puts on a condom and starts fucking Carlos,at which point porn star Nick Capra enters,followed by Dean Edwards who rejoins the scene. Dean’s mouth immediately brings Nick to an impressive erection,which Jonny starts sucking. Jonny’s and Carlos’ mouths share Nick’s dick,and AG re-enters. Nick decides AG’s hole will be the recipient of his massive dick,and shoves it in,while Carlos is lying underneath sucking AG’s cock. Finally the guys get comfortable and jerk off. Carlos shoots,Nick shoots,Jonny shoots,and ShowGuys has ushered in 2004,as Sam promised,with a bang!

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ShowGuys #60 - New Year's Eve 2003 Orgy

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