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Daddy's Boys

A compilation of scenes showing Daddy Darby at work with two of his latest recruits. A great film for those who like their boys put in their place.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Daddy initiates 18 year old Crispy to the world of slavery. He firstly Tie's the twinks hands behind his back and then sets to work on the young guys nipples. Tweaking them and then placing clips on them. The new guy is then subjected to various forms of tit torture and cock & ball torture before he's made to go down on all fours while Daddy starts to wank his large erect dick. The boy starts to say how much he likes this,so Daddy inserts a finger into Crispy's virgin ass. The boy moans,firstly with pain,and then that soon turns to pleasure. Daddy then gets the boy to push back onto his finger and then a thumb,all the while opening up the boys ass for future use. The boy is then bound and made to wank himself,before Daddy sucks the young guy and finally wanks the twink to a climax.

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Daddy and 18 year old Cameron. Daddy ties the twink to a bed spread eagle style and then proceeds to play with the helpless twinks cock and balls. He lubes the cock up,wanks the boy until his cock is straining to be allowed to shoot. But then Daddy stops and starts to work a finger around the boys virgin ass. Then it's back to the cock again,as Daddy gets the boy super hard. Then the boy starts to suck and chew on Daddys nipples. Daddy allows the boy to kiss him,before finally bringing the twink to a climax. Which takes around 40 minutes to get to,all through which the twink is wriggling and squirming in ecstasy. Then Daddy unties the boy and allows him to suck daddy off. The scene finishes with Daddy shooting his own load.

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Daddy and Cameron again,with Daddy working Camerons nipples with a set of clips. Daddy allows the twink to suck his dick and lick his balls before he shoots an enormous load over the twinks face.

Daddy's Boys

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