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Suffering Slave Boys

Daddy Darby and some new twinks have fun whipping,spanking,sucking,screwing,hot waxing,each other in this slave boy flick....

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Daddy Darby has new slave boy Tigger at his mercy once again. Remember this cute 18 year old we first met in More Slave Boys In Training,well he's back,and ready to take all that Daddy Darby has to dish out.

Young Tigger gets his arse slapped,is forced to suck Daddy's Dick,suck on Daddy's nipples,and then has his arse beaten with a riding crop until it's red raw. All the time whimpering with pain and discomfort. Then Daddy starts on the twinks nipples and pinches,pulls,sucks and twists them until the cute bolnd lad can take no more and begs Daddy to stop. But the pain and torture goes on a little longer until Daddy decides that the twink should now receive a load of hot sticky cum in his hair. The wink is again forced to suck daddy's dick until it explodes showering the cute 18 years old with man juice.

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Joey,Kyle and Jamie decide that they want to have a play with some of Daddy's toys while he's out. At the start they are a little circumspect in their willingness to explore the toys. But soon enough blond 18 year old Jamie is tied and restrained and forced to suck on Joey's dick while Kyle whips his arse with a leather strap and then a length of rope. Almost immediately Jamie's arse shows signs of the whipping he's receiving,with red welts becoming visible for all to see.

Then it's time for Jamie to get screwed. So Joey inserts his dick into Jamie's waiting arse while Jamie is made to suck on Kyle's hot rod. We are then treated to a fuck fest as Joey screws Jamie,Kyle screws Jamie,then Joey screws Jamie while Kyle sees an opportunity for a daisy chain and pops his dick in Joey while Joey is in mid stride,linking the three guys up together. But before the guys decide that they have had enough,Kyle wants to get fucked as well,so Joey obliges and gives the experienced twink a good fucking before both Joey and Jamie shoot their hot juice all over Kyle's face and then eat some of it for good measure.

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Kyle and Jamie decide that they want to experiment further. Jamie has a wish to have hot wax poured over him. So Kyle. being a true friend,obliges. But first Jamie is tied so that he cant move around too much with ropes being wrapped abound his cock and balls,ensuring that any movement will result in pain. Kyle then gets to work,first with one candle and then with one in each hand. Dripping wax across the twinks chest and nipples. The young guys moans with delight as this treatment is extended to his stomach. With almost all his belly and chest being covered in wax. Then he's rolled over,re-tied in another excruciating position and the waxing of his back and arse starts. Once again he gets covered in the hot liquid,so much so that we can see less of his flesh than we can see of the wax.....

Then Kyle decides that Jamie now deserves to be fucked,and what a fucking he gives the blond twink. He plows his weapon into the twinks butt hole making the guy moan with a mix of delight and pain. Jamie is the first to shoot his hot juice over his own belly and chest while Kyle plunges his dick in and out of the blonde’s arse. Then Kyle shoots his own seed over Jamie’s waiting face and open mouth. The guys then enjoy a kiss and some mutual cum eating before they smile knowingly at each other.

Suffering Slave Boys

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