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Dungeon Boys

This is the first in a new line from regular AMVC producer,Shoot Productions. This first title,Dungeon Boys features just what it says on the label...twinks suffering in one of Master Daddy Darby's Dungeon.

Throughout the coming series Shoot Productions will bring you superb new twinks who'll suffer for your entertainment. All this series will be shot using the highest specification equipment and edited by professionals,so that you get a complete set of Videos that you can keep and watch for years to come...And remember,all the action in Shoot Productions BDSM Videos is real...these guys suffer for your pleasure,so make certain that you get the full series. A real treat for all those guys who like their slaveboys to look like real twinks and suffer well for their enjoyment.

Three real hot scenes with four new twinks for you all to enjoy. First off is James and Will who are put through their paces by Master Daddy Darby,then comes Lex Blond,a real cute 18 year old,and the third scene features Liverpool lad,Sykes Blackburn in his first ever bondage scene. This is a film not to be missed. These lads are REAL twinks,all cute and ready to serve.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Master Daddy Darby and his assistant,Will Forbes are putting new slaveboy James Alan through his paces. The master makes the cute 18 year old twink suck Will's dick before flopping out his own pole for some attention. The master chains the twink to the wall while he plays with the guys nipples. Slave Will is also made to suck the twink off to give him some light relief from his testing time.

Slaveboy Will also gets to spank and whip the new twink while forcing him to suck his dick,all this while being encouraged to do so by the master. The Master even whip's the twinks dick while the twink is sucking Will's dick. The twink also gets to pleasure his master by chewing on his nipples before slaveboy Will is allowed to use a large dildo and a butt plug in James's arse as a prelude to screwing the twink,shooting his hot cum over the twinks back! James is then ordered to jerk off and shoots his own hot load over slaveboy Will's face.

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Young slaveboy James is back,this time with blond twink Lex as his partner,with both teenagers ready and willing to do everything that their master askes of them. They are both chained to the wall while the master plays with their nipples,Lex is then forced to suck James's dick while the twink is worked over by the Master. The master then gets both guys sucking on his nipples and dick at the same time before he starts to drip hot wax onto Lex's chest and stomach. Twink James is then also subjected to the hot wax treatment before the Master pops a butt plug into the twink's waiting arse. James then shoots his load over Lex's face before Daddy Darby explodes a full load over James's face proir to allowing Lex to do the same,leaving slaveboy James covered in hot sticky cum!

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Next up is Sykes Blackburn,a rebelious twink from the famous city of Liverpool,home of the Beatles! This is Sykes first outing in any form of BDSM film and he really looks like he'd rather be anywhere else except at the mercy of Master Daddy Darby! The twink is tied to the end of the bed and has weights hung from his balls while he is forced to suck the Masters nipples. The twink then has his own nipples tortured before the master starts to whip the twink's balls and stomach with a cat'o'nine tails!

Dungeon Boys

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