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Scene 1:

This is the first (and so far only) 3-way scene I've ever shot, and it didn't even start off to be a 3-way. Initially Jonny and Bailey planned to do a scene as Bailey was really wanting to explore his submissive side.

Bauer had driven Bailey over and was waiting in the living room. As Jonny and Bailey started making out they both agreed that it might be hot if Bauer joined in. I was all for it as well.

One of Jonny's first comments to Bauer was, "Damn!" after seeing how thick his cock was. It didn't take long before Bailey was kneeling sucking both of them off at the same time. Bailey loved having 2 hard cocks in his mouth as you could tell from his own boner. His inner slut was definitely coming out. Not long after, all 3 were sucking cock in a kind of sexual triangle. I think this was one of the rare times when noone was talking as all mouths were full of cock.

In preparation of getting fucked, Bailey laid back with his legs in the air exposing his sweet tight hole. Bauer even licked Bailey's feet for all the foot lovers out there.

Then it was time for what I had been waiting for....Bailey getting fucked! Jonny gets first dibs on Baileys sweet hole and has him ride his cock. Then Jonny puts Bailey on his back and continues pounding his slutty hole while Bailey starts sucking Bauer. Both of Bailey's holes were being!

They switch up and Bauer gets a crack at Bailey's ass while Jonny grabs the camera and shoots a little POV action of Bailey going down on his cock. Jonny's commentary is great. I couldn't have scripted this any better.

Finally Jonny and Bauer both agree to cum on Bailey's face. First Bauer...then Jonny as they cover Bailey's face in jizz. "That's what they call the criss cross," Jonny says. Bauer then jerked Bailey's rock hard member till it blew while Bailey tried moaning without opening his mouth...or eyes as his face was still plastered with cum. This boy was definitely a trooper!

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Tag Team My Boy Pussy

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