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Curious Cory

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: Although straight Cory lives a pretty ordinary life (girlfriend,job,family ties,etc...) he occasionally needs to satisfy his curiosity and that’s when he pays a visit to the Vin-Dawg. In these 6 hot scenes Cory lets me swallow his loads,play a little with his butt and allows me use a vibrator on him! The Ultimate Adult Reality Show!


Cory's girlfriend has been on the rag for a week so he swings by to relieve the pressure. After he strips off his Superman boxers,Cory's huge cock swells up as I begin to stroke it,then he stands and lets me service him while he watches the porno flick. Cory grabs my head and unleashes a load on my lips.

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Cory is spread eagle on the bed and his cock throbs as it anticipates my attention. I stroke and blow him for a while then he lets me play with his hairy balls and butt. Soon Cory spills a creamy load as I finger his butt hole.

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Cory strips down to his NY Yankees cap and I chow down on Cory's baseball bat. He's obviously enjoying the service and in no time he blows his load down my throat.

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After an exciting story of fisticuffs and getting a bump on the head the night before,Cory picks out a new porno to watch and quickly gets naked. I suck on his cock and balls and then I take out my own throbbing cock. Cory watches closely as I rub my cock on his butthole and soon he erupts all over. I bust my own huge nut back onto his cock.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos


When he's done shooting the bull and finishes his cigarette,Cory heads to the bedroom and strips off his clothes. Of course he's already rock hard and when his cock pokes out of his jock strap I swoop down and start the service. When Cory spreads his legs and gets into the zone I take out a vibrator and start rubbing it on his balls and butt region. Soon Cory is using it on himself and with some sweet coaxing with my tongue he lets go a messy load.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos


Cory is standing fully clothed watching a porno when I pull his pants down and start sucking his cock. He works the remote as I work his cock and in the blink of an eye he unloads in my mouth.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Curious Cory

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