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Str8 Guyz Jerkin'
Best Of Sneek Peek #3

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: Some of the sexiest straight guys from the Sneek Peek archives strut their stuff for in this Best of volume. AXEL is a little rough around the edges but he's eager to please; ZACK is a real hoot and too straight for his own good; WILLIS has a seductive innocence about him that makes me swoon and T.J. is an unpolished gem with an attitude but he's down with the program! They all think they're auditioning to be in straight porno movie and with a little t.l.c. from Uncle Vinnie they bust their huge creamy nuts for the camera!! Includes previously released scenes from SPP03 Get It Str8,SPP12 Just Too Str8,SPP17 Str8 Loads 7,SPP18 Get It Str8 #4 and a preview of SPP62 C.J. At Ease. DVD has scene selection and 3 minute chapters.

Stats: Axel 5'7",145 lbs.,25 y.o.,landscaper; Zack 5 11 ,200 lbs.,21 y.o.,police recruit; Willis 5 7 ,165 lbs.,18 y.o.,high school wrestler; T.J. 5 9 ,165 lbs.,19 y.o.,Aussie drifter.


Axel laughs nervously as he strips off his clothes and the session begins. His cock quickly hardens and after I pump up the volume on the porn flick I leave him alone to work himself over. When I return to the room and grab Axel's cock to measure it,he pops his load! He's soon ready to go again and this time he stands up and watches himself in the mirror (check out the hot tattoos on his arms). Axel can barely control himself and soon spews out a second load. Gleefully he exclaims,''See,I'm a sex freak!''

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When I first met Zack at the local gym we hit it off right away and after months of gentle persuasion Zack agreed to pull one off for the camera. After stripping he settles down and begins to massage himself through his jock-strap then lubes and double-fists his 8''x5'' cock to rock-hardness. Zack's so excited he's ready to shoot in 5 minutes so I warn him to hold off and he obeys (barely!) and when he finally releases he erupts like a volcano! Zack from New Jersey stays rock hard as he starts to dress...Amazing!

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Referred by his friend Dante (Str8 Loads 4: Dante),Irish bulldog Willis comes by for an interview and spills his guts about his love life - SEX is definitely his favorite thing to do! He talks about liking anal sex with girls,shooting his loads across the room,and the ''beat sessions'' with his skateboarding buddies. After stripping down he jerks his nice piece for a while but when I measure his 7'' cock he's a little reluctant to let go. Even though he's pretty nervous he lets me stroke his cock for a while. When I leave the room he starts to jerk his cock furiously and looks to see if I'm watching from the bathroom (of course,I am!). Willis shoots a huge load all over his chest.

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Sporting a bandanna and a ''Metal Head'' look,T.J. arrives at my place a little late so he quickly sheds his threads and lets me film him taking a shower. In between eating all my Almond Joy candy bars,T.J. finds time to jerk himself a nice hard boner. Check out those sexy feet and hairy shins as he takes his time and strokes his cock long and tight - he even lets me handle it a little! Soon T.J. is giving up a handful of ''baby batter''.

Preview for SPP62 C.J. At Ease

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Str8 Guyz Jerkin' - Best Of Sneek Peek #3

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