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Troy Terafirma Unleashed

11 Inches...There is no easy way to describe Troy or his video. It's a totally unique adventure...a sexed up acid trip...self-worship and self pleasure to the max. Troy is a modern-day hippie walking on the sexual edge of solo gratification and the only balance-pole he has is his 11-inch vein covered cock that has a mind of it's own. Get out your black-light,mellow out,and stroke it up with Troy. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
Fruit Fucker...Troy's cock leads him to acts of perversion that are dangerous to fruits and vegetables everywhere. A host of melons and veggies are totally at Troy's mercy. A hollowed out egg plant is the first to give it's all for Troy's pleasures. He sticks his hard cock into the firm flesh farther and farther with each thrust upon the dark purple veggie. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
A spaghetti squash is quick to follow the egg plant. Troy plunges deep into the carved opening,pressing his sensitive cock head into the seed filled pulp at the squash's center. A honey-dew melon is close at hand and,as Troy's huge cock plumbs the depths of this fruit,its juices cover his cock in a sticky gooey mess...melon cum,to be sure! amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
The melon fucking continues,now with a ripe and juicy watermelon,its pink inner flesh sends out a beacon to Troy's hole-invader and the watermelon covers him in liquid love. Troy moves from melon to fruit to veggie and their squishing noises get more and more obscene until finally Troy blow his load onto his own spandex-covered abs. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
Pleasure and Pain...The next segment of video deals with some bondage issues. Troy places his dick between a pair of bamboo rods that clamp around the base of his long hard cock. It looks like some sort of oriental torture. Then Troy is trying to force his cock into a milk bottle while his ankles are handcuffed together. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
The three or four cock rings that Troy is wearing around his dick shaft prevent his success at "bottle fucking" but he is not deterred. Next he hooks a chained alligator clip to his balls for that special feeling then finally has too much pleasure and jerks out another load of cum onto his abs. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
Tight and Messy...Following all that bondage stuff is a gentle period of underwear fetishism. We see Troy's abundant cock clothed in various boxer-briefs and bikinis,and low risers. This is followed by Troy doing unspeakably messy things to a brand new jar of strawberry jam and a tub of chocolate pudding. Troy cleans himself up before delivering his third cum shot. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
Oh It Burns...The second half of the film finds Troy having fun with more items from the grocer's produce section. First up are hollowed out red and green peppers. Troy's cock penetrates them fully and they end up as jack-paks for his mammoth meat. That pepper juice has got to burn like a bitch,but Troy keeps on jackin'. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
Cum Again...Troy covers his coffee table with a variety of little candy dispensers with cartoon character heads and rubs his dick around and over them. Then he jerks his cock and covers them with his own liquid candy. Troy continues to beat his meat and with the help of a personal vibrator he dumps another load of cum soon after the first one. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
Homo-Melons...More melon madness ensues and now that the melons have eyes we can see that they are actually alien homo-melons coming to earth to provide oral sex for Troy's trippin' mind and super horny cock. Troy furiously pounds the melon's permanently open mouth then blasts a king-sized load of come in it's face. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
There is just so much crammed into this video that it's impossible to fit it all in here. The television J/O,the pumpkin fucking,the vibrator-induced orgasms,the endless close-ups of Troy's fucking huge cock.,the dirty talk,the paper towel roll fuck,and even more crystal-studded alien homo-melons begging to be face-fucked by Troy's 11 inch cock. amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
No Time To Waste...There's nothing normal about this video,and that's what makes it a trip,an adventure,an odyssey,that you will not want to miss. Don't waste any time...order this video NOW!

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Troy Terafirma Unleashed

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