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Troy Terafirma - Dungeon of Eros

Eros To The Max

Ok,I confess it,some of the tapes I review for AMVC get the "Fast Forward" treatment. I skim through the whole tape and note the highlights,write some words down to describe the action and snap a few still shots for the web.
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I can't do that with a Troy Terafirma video. This video,and Troy's first video too,move so fast,are so diverse,and so bizarre,that there's no way I could do it on Fast Forward. As soon as I press the button a totally wacky image dances by and I have to Rewind just so I can figure out what it was.
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I snapped 54 images while watching this tape and less than half of them are shown here. You don't see the picture of Troy's hard shaft covered in twelve steel rings and resting on a whiskey bottle,or his tumescent cock with a pair of glasses sitting on it like a near-sighted elephant.
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What about the picture of Troy's cock poised almost painfully on the pointy head of a meat mallet? Or the shot of Troy's hard cock being thrust in and out of a narrow necked glass vase? Or the one where he's got five clothes pins clipped to his scrotum...Ouch!
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Then there is the somewhat comical picture of Troy's hard cock covered in a bunch of red shower curtain hoops with little red shells stuck to them. None of those shots are here because as an editor I have to pick and chose which ones make it and which ones don't.
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The ones that did make it here are a blast for sure. Troy starts the video wandering around outside looking for the mythical entrance to the Dungeon of Eros and he pops a couple of loads in the "Great Outdoors" while he looks. Then there's that steel-ring covered cock resting on his foot. Yummy!
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A shot of Troy's cock on a dinner plate,surrounded by cutlery would make my heart skip a beat,then he mixes it up for a "Dinner Time Still-Life with Cock." Of course we all think the Post Office is full of dick-heads and Troy gives us his version of that too.
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We all know Troy has a big cock,but sometimes the scale of these shots is hard to see,so the picture of Troy's cock impaling a toilet paper roll will give you a good idea of exactly how big that monster of his really is. He could have used two rolls and still had some to spare.
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Troy is a hyper sexual guy but he's also light hearted and likes to play. When he shoots a powerful load at an alien doll it bowls the toy over and covers it in gooey cum. Then he's got the mustard bottle in hand and squirts the yellow condiment all over his own hard hot dog.
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Troy also has a little piece of rebel in him and it shows up when we see his cock covered in a dozen steel rings,or chains clips and hand-cuffs,or squeezed between bamboo rods like some exotic oriental torture device. It's all cool though because Troy can get off under any conditions!
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What most of you remember from his first video are the melon fucking sessions. Well,he squeezes one in here too. A juicy cantaloupe is buried in a pair of jeans and hole is cut into the ass. Troy fucks the melon with fast deep jabs the send the juices and seeds squirting out all over the place.
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The new tape from Troy doesn't really have anything to do with Dungeons,so don't let that scare you. It's a wild and trippy journey with 20 or more cum shots,tons of close ups and an over the edge sexuality that's both fun and exciting. You won't be using your Fast Forward button,that's for sure!

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Troy Terafirma - Dungeon of Eros

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