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Contact: Allen McNulty
Phone: (206) 860-4239
Fax: (206) 860-4948 Makes Major Changes

SEATTLE,WASHINGTON (December 7,2004) – today announced that it has removed all job categories from its site that aren’t related to being a model and looking for a producer. Before the change, offered such adult job categories as Retail Staff,Magazine Writers,Video Editors,Sales/Marketing,and several others,but now the site caters only to adult video producers and models. Another major change to the site is a mandatory requirement for at least one photo from all models posting ads.

“The site morphed on its own into a forum for models and producers,” says’s co-owner Allen McNulty. “There were some employers seeking job applicants for categories unrelated to being a model,but I’d say about 95% of the site’s content was just models and producers seeking one another. Our goal now is to make that 100% and this change will accomplish that.” he adds.

“The mandatory photo requirement should’ve been in place from the beginning,but we didn’t think it would be necessary when we originally built As a producer,I was getting very frustrated at the models who were placing ads and begging to become a porn star,but refusing to give up a photo of themselves. They’d use every excuse known to mankind as to why they couldn’t post a photo and it just got tiring. I assumed that it was equally as tiresome to the other producers on the site,so,posting at least one photo is now mandatory.” McNulty explains. is owned and operated by the fine folks at On The Edge of Cyberspace,Inc. and For more information you can visit (

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