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Where's My Order?

When Was It Shipped?

We strive to get your orders filled ASAP. Typically, online orders are shipped out in two business days. So, if you place your order on Monday we usually ship it out on Wednesday. Orders placed on Thursday, Friday or Saturday usually go out on Monday. Remember that there are a lot of Monday holidays so sometimes weekend orders can't go out until Tuesday.

When Will I Get It?

Items are shipped by priority mail in the USA. The post office says that priority mail takes two to three days, but they do not guarantee that so your delivery time may vary. We ship from Seattle, WA, so if you live in Miami, FL then it will likely take at least three days to get to you.

So, to put it all together, here's a chart that shows the expected delivery dates to addresses in the USA based on what day you placed your order online. Remember that postal holidays will delay things.
  • Ordered Monday...Shipped Wednesday...Delivered Saturday
  • Ordered Tuesday...Shipped Thursday...Delivered Monday
  • Ordered Wednesday...Shipped Friday...Delivered Tuesday
  • Ordered Thursday...Shipped Monday...Delivered Thursday
  • Ordered Friday...Shipped Monday...Delivered Thursday
  • Ordered Saturday...Shipped Tuesday...Delivered Friday
  • Ordered Sunday...Shipped Tuesday...Delivered Friday

But It's Not Here Yet!

Ok, you've figured out what day the package is due, but that day's come and gone and still no package! Be patient, maybe we had to mail it a day later than usual or maybe the post office is slower than normal. If you still don't have your package two days after it's due date then send us an email using our contact form. Be sure to enter your full name and the order number that you received in email. We'll find out what happened to your package and let you know.

I Mailed In My Order.

Obviously, mail orders take longer. Assuming you're in the USA, it can take up to a week for us to receive your order form in the mail and then process it and get the package in the mail. To be safe, wait a full two weeks after you mailed in your order before you start to worry. If you do not have the package after two full weeks then let us know by using our contact form. Be sure to give your full name and say that you used a mail-in order form.

My Shipping Address Is Not In The USA.

International orders take the longest to reach their destinations. If everything goes smoothly, you should get your package within two weeks of when you placed your order online. There could be delays though if the Customs Office in your country stops the package. They will open it, determine that you owe taxes on the Videos, and send you a letter telling how you can pay the duty and collect your package. It is your responsibility to pay these taxes as they are imposed by your country. Sometimes they even confiscate the package entirely and will send you a letter saying you will not receive it at all. Usually it's only the larger packages that get stopped, so if you order only one film each time there's less chance that they'll interfere. If you do not have the package or have not heard from your Customs Office after 30 days then let us know by using our contact form. Be sure to give your full name and the order number that you received in email.

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