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Carlos The Greatest

Carlos is a local Taxi driver and part-time man fucker. Carlos has been featured on several different websites; however UOMOTV is the only one able to get this hot Papi to give up his ass. This video features Carlos the Greatest and some of his hot friends. Carlos on the bottom is a DVD coming soon on AMVC.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Not another Carlos solo! This is Carlos at his best. One hot papi who loves all things about sex. Great dick, great ass, great body. All you ever want from a papi...that is him. In this video Carlos plays with his ass and pleases himself for our pleasure and lust. No more to say. I go back to watch the video and dream of Carlos.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

This was not intended to be filmed this way...the script changed due to a heavy rain. So while we were waiting, Miguel wanted to watch some porn. He got so horny and asked why not film him at home. I asked how would he like to be filmed and what would he like to do. He asked if he could use his sunglasses? I said, ''of course, why not?'' He told me his idea for the shoot... ''Tape me while I jerk off on the sofa, looking at porn." Not the newest idea ever, but it was a Miguel request, so how could I say no to that lovely Latin Papi. So we did what I thought was going to be the standard jerk-off on the sofa videos, watching porn but he delivered a good cum shot. Don't think you will miss his sexy eyes, he takes off the sunglasses. So you get to see a beauty at his best. Say no more and enjoy Miguel Angel...our SUNGLASSES GUY!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Yinay called and wanted to introduce me to his new fuck buddy. So I set up a pool session. Bakar is 24 year old messenger. He said he is bisexual and when he is with guys it is only to get fucked and he would only be with guys more masculine then him. In no time Bakar glued his month to Yinay's cock. We planned this session to conclude in the bedroom but these two guys could not wait.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

This set was done completely by accident. Yovi met Marius a few weeks ago, and when Yovi asked him to do a solo he flatly refused. But he called later and said he had thought about it, and changed his mind. When we started the solo, we didn't like it, Marius was just not what we were looking for at that time. He got very upset, so I showed him a porn, for him to see what we were looking for. When I put the tape in, it was of two guys fucking. This ''str8'' guy said he was not be able to do a good job jacking-off because he had jacked-off earlier that day. But he thought he could get fucked, if we go slowly. We gave horny Fernado a call and he came right over to do the job. Really, this was Marius' first time being with a guy and he became our poster guy for, 1st time str8 guys getting fucked. Later he said he only did it because he felt unwanted.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Carlos is a 22 year old taxis driver. We meet when my car was in the shop for repairs. He told me he has a constant hard-on and he like sex, it does not matter if it is a girl or guy. He said that in his job he meets a lot of people and he gets propositioned a lot by both girls and guys. He introduced me to Toto, who is 22 and also a Taxi driver. Toto is solidly bisexual and he is completely versatile. Both of the guys were great to work with.

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Carlos The Greatest

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