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A Shemale's Night Out

Amateur Video Scene 1:

This sexy little adventure opens with Vennessa leaving the house,getting into her 4x4 and driving out of the city dressed in a sexy little black outfit. Once parked out in the dark woods all alone she begins to get horny and starts rubbing her crotch through her black pantyhose before getting out of her truck to whisper to the camera and give some hot up skirt shots!

Climbing back into the truck Vennessa continues rubbing her crotch and stroking herself while talking to the camera before moving to the back seat where she can stretch out a little more and give some better skirt flashes to the audience. She pulls her cock out to where she can stroke it properly through her pantyhose while whispering sexily to the camera! Back outside the vehicle with her dress hiked up,Vennessa continues to work her cock through the tight,silky nylon for the camera getting some close-ups of her package and the toy stuffed up her ass!

While strolling through the woods trying to find someplace to sit down and get herself off,Vennessa stumbles upon a deserted cabin and lets herself in through the unlocked door. Once inside,the real fun begins! We get some hot shots of her tight,nylon covered ass and of her fucking sheer little hole with the toy she has been sitting on all night! Then turning to face the camera again we get to watch her stroke her stiffening dick!

Making her way over to the bed,Vennessa shows off her silky panty hosed feet for the camera while sitting on her dildo and jerking her cock. Bouncing on the rubber dong while she sits on the bed. Then,getting on her hands and knees she jerks her cock while showing off the dildo in her ass and talking dirty to the camera. When she picks up one of the pillows to sit on and bounce she finds a stash of the cabin owner's cum stained pantyhose! Turned on by this she uses a pair of the pantyhose to stroke her rock hard member while fucking her ass with the dildo,finally shooting a nice thick load of cum all over the hose!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is the next morning and a groggy Vennessa wakes up still in the cabin's bed with daylight streaming in. Turned on by the fact that the cabin owner might come back (and saying so to the camera) Vennessa is back at it,doing a sexy strip tease for the camera,pulling her cock out,jerking off and showing her beautiful ass to the camera. Back on the bed we get a great view of Vennessa's long,smooth legs and her stiletto pumps as she furiously jacks her hard member for the camera! After kicking off her heels and spreading her ass cheeks for the viewers Vennessa shoots a nice big,juicy load of cum in her hand!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Back home in her recording studio after her little overnight adventure,Vennessa gets all turned on again thinking about getting of in some strangers cabin and begins playing with herself while stroking her silky panty hosed legs for the camera. In this hot scene we a really good look at Vennessa's hot shemale body and cock! Here we get some spicy close up shots of Vennessa's engorged cock,legs,feet and face as she continues to stroke herself toward a gooey climax,stopping to taste her own pre-cum! This is a very hot scene!

After some more hot posing and showing off on the studio comfy chair Vennessa finally blows one last load all over her pantyhose thigh! A fitting end to an erotic,adventurous night out!

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A Shemale's Night Out

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