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BEAST! Is Loose!

Static on the radio erupts as the screams issue forth! The local police are on the lookout! More screams! You start to panic and with good reason! The BEAST! is loose again and hunting for fresh flesh to ravage!

Quick! Lock the doors! Bar the windows!

Oh,shit! What was that? Did you hear it? We're too late it's already here!

The BEAST! is back! (He's ravaged flesh before in ZCP84 and ZCP54) This time he's loaded with cum and a penis pump to boot! He puts his massive Uncut meat into the vacuum chamber and pumps away,making his already fat cock throb and grow and ooze cum like mad.

The BEAST! (aka Mark) came by after a long night of working at the local gay bathhouse. He's tired,but all fuckin' horned up. So he takes a nice shower,then heads for the living room and my black leather couch for a pull on the pud.

You'll notice right off that the BEAST! has been changed he's got a nasty doozy of scar running up his belly where emergency surgery was performed to save his life not too long ago. He's lucky to have survived. He did,but his washboard abs paid a high price for it but beyond that,our BEAST! is as pumped and ripped as he ever was!

''Endurance is an Attribute,'' he says,as he pulls his pud,pumps his prick and plays with is precum! Mark is a buff and boyish looking 53yo,5' 8'' and 170lbs. His cock,however,is THICK,MEATY and literally dripping with juice! Along the way he docks my cock in his foreskin and jizz,sucks me and then fucks himself with his own tool! He rubs it along his ass and then just pushes the foreskin in and then the head and shaft. It's a sight to see it doesn't last long (the BEAST! can't handle his own fat cock!) and soon it's back to the pump.

But the BEAST! is not satiated by sliming his cum along the insides of the vacuum chamber he LUSTS for real hot flesh for his member and soon I'm attacked and my head is thrust down on his Uncut cockflesh. He instantly starts to writhe and buck and moan and sweat as I worked over his tool as if my life depended on it. I mauled his cock with my throat,teeth and tongue,gnawing on the chewy foreskin,working the cummy head swallowing the swollen phallus down. He grunts and jerks and gasps and finally pumps out a HUGE squirting load that flies up onto his chest and shoulder and armpit,lays across his sweaty pectoral and across his abs and side. The bulky tool throbs and oozes until every last drop is pumped out. The BEAST! is satiated again for the moment.

He then showers again,showing off all his spunk and sweat.

Then I followed up with a few choice cuts of meat in a slideshow!
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BEAST! Is Loose!

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