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Popping A Virgin's Cherry #3.1
Hot Chorizo Sausage Doggie-Style

Last time my hot 'n' hard Mexican bud,Chris,who's been over plenty of times prior,came over with something on his mind: He wanted to fuck a guy's tight ass! Luckily,he likes his cameraman,and popped his cherry on my ass! Woof! But he wasn't satiated with missionary,and practically begged to come back and fuck me again! Who was I to say no?

Chris is now 33yo,5'7'',a nice tight 140 lbs,with tattoos all over,a gorgeous smile and a wonderful cock that gets nice and hard and spurts a nice squirting load!

In his first taste of ass,he fucked me missionary and with me squatting down on him. He liked those very much,but he wanted to do doggie,since that's how he fucks his GF at home! So,Chris got naked and was oozing sweet precum like mad. I sucked him standing,sitting and lying back. But soon it was time for that hard stick to push into my one eyed sphincter! I was ready!

Before we plunged into my rectum,I showed off sexy Chris with the very few pics I took during this shoot. You ever tried to take a bunch of pics,run a video cam,AND get fucked at the same time? There's only so much multitasking a guy can do!!!

After the very quick slideshow,Chris plunges his prick into my netherhole,making me moan with pleasure. His cock pulses and feels so fucking good. He started pushing into me,trying to get it in deep right away. He was pushing on my pleasure buttons and close to getting me off almost instantly! He fucks me thru my torn boxers and soon has hold of my hips,driving it home. I push back and nearly cum. Chris works my ass quick and good,grinding his tool all around,truly enjoying his second taste of tight white ass! But,he can't hold out,being a manhole fuck virgin and he soon fills me up with his load. I can feel his hot cock pulsing madly as he empties his load!

Chris pulls out and then I sit back to work on mine. I'm ready to blow! I feel him up a bit,suck his still hard cock and watch as he works to make another load but I can't hold back either and shoot a couple of big squirts. It's one hell of a powerful orgasm and I rock and writhe. Chris tried for a second load,but a moment later my other half came home from work and yelled at him for blocking his parking...load over! Ehehee

So,Chris and I get dressed and call it a good day. My ass and cock were happy,and so was he! Chris went home to the GF smelling of fresh spunk and manhole! WOOF! He will return. Don't Miss Chris in his other hot features: ZCP45,60 and 82!
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Popping A Virgin's Cherry #3.1
Hot Chorizo Sausage Doggie-Style

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