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Everything I Needed 2 Know
About Sex I Learned In Prison

For all of you who think shooting porn looks easy watch this one!!

A Tale of 4 Prison Terms. Sammy is one sexy ex-con! He's Hispanic,though he could easily pass for white or even Italian. He's got tons of tats,a GF and a kid. He thinks of himself as straight,but LOVES toys up his ass and to be fucked by his GF. Sammy's been in the joint for FOUR terms on various things,all of which he's more than happy to share with you. He's incredibly open and forthcoming. He spent 6 years in prison for Drugs,DUI,Domestic Violence and another DUI. He's no angel,but he's not all devil either. He's got a sweet personality,loves his family and is a nice guy!

Sammy's calls himself a Chex Mex (half white/half Mexican). He's a youthful 40's,and has a buff body and a nice cock! He's got the fans and coolers running 24/7 as he's always hot and sweating. He's straight,but he also knows our bud Jared ''Guido,'' as they've had a 3-way. And,it turns out,his GF is the reason Guido didn't show up for his last shoot! Jared wanted gas money and Sammy's GF said no!

But Sammy,who talks VERY freely and openly about his past troubles,his crimes,his drug use,his love of his family and SO much more,makes up for Jared not showing. Sammy,a true exhibitionist,loves to film himself and loves web porn. Perhaps you've even seen him online? His nice tatted bod (lots of skin art) and his great ass,cock and balls,is worth seeing. He even tried to fuck himself on camera!! We find out he's also got a soft side,as his GF buys him lingerie to wear.

We learn even more as he gets out his toys and starts to work his ass. He's soon got me naked and is sucking my cock! I capture it all in the mirrors on the wall and ceiling! Woof! Soon,Sammy is wearing my cum across his sweaty neck,chin and lips.

I closed this out with a quick look at just how ''fun?'' it can be to film a porn. This guy NEVER holds fucking still!!! I shot a few minutes with my stationary cam and sped up the action to let you see just what fun we have at times!
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Everything I Needed 2 Know About Sex
I Learned In Prison

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