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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days - Day II

The cumshot here is another angle of day III,cumming shortly. Day II was a dry load day,tho he swears he came! Converting a str8 boy takes patience,time and skill and did it EVER! Fuck. The prize is certainly worth the work,but it was quite a bit of work getting this straight boy to go gay.

In Day I of my new 7 part series,Str8 2 Gay in 6 Days,Dante worked out on the bowflex while the boys watched from the peanut gallery. He takes a nice dip in the spa and then jerked off for a while. But the attention from the gents makes him nervous,so he hangs out on the hammock for a bit,fucking the ropes and his hand.

On Day II,I returned to the BandB to finish up. We started off in the office under a nice window for light. Dante strips off his military print pants and starts wanking up a nice hardon. He gets really close a couple of times,but David,the owner of the BandB,keeps strolling by to take a peek at just the wrong time and makes Dante deflate just as he's ready to pop!

SO,we take a quick break and resume in the bedroom with a mirrored wall. Soon Dante decides to show us how to make a homemade fleshjack device like he used to use as a teenager. A sock,a latex glove and a towel and Voila! Instant pussy or ass or mouth. Dante gets up to get the needed equipment to make it and realizes he's been wiping his sweaty face off with a towel rolled around a massive dildo from one of the gay boys! OMG! Ewww!

Dante works the homemade jerking tool and gets rock hard and stiff. He rebuilds it a few times to get it just right,then finally breaks it down to the basics and jerks to a nice stiff finish. He signals he's about to blow and whips off the device...his ''precum'' as he calls it,dripping out,but it's so clear you can't see it!! He keeps stroking and can't quite get his mojo back. He's fucked up his cumshot! He's worked up an incredible sweat,soaking the foam pillow all the way through! He tries to figure out what he can do to finish off! A dildo? Hmmm.

We discuss our next shoot to get him off and we call it a day. So since he doesn't pop again (visibly,anyway,as he swears he shot a load here!),I give you an angle from Day III. But the best is yet to cum!

Don't miss Dante's Bisexual romp down the dark side with bondage,whips and more then a finale with a cumblasting ass fucking finale! As this hot little straight boy goes from straight to gay in only 6 days!
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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days - Day II

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