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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days - Day IV

We begin Day Four of Dante's conversion into gayness in the immaculate shower at the BandB. Dante has been douching in the shower and is ready to take on a small dildo. Though not gay,he does stick small items up his behind now and then,as lots of straight boys do! He thought you'd enjoy it,and so did I.

The lighting is dim and the steam of the shower is great,so the camera blurs a little bit now and then,but I think you'll bear with it to see this little twinky stick a rubber penis up his ass,bending forward and spreading his sweet little ass cheeks!

He lets us know he might not be able to take much,so I call him a pussy. That gets his goat and he tried a little harder. Woof! How far will he go? Watch and see. It was quite stirring (got me excited) and it was funny to watch as well. You'll get a lot of conversation bits while he cleans,but the tidbits we learn from him are little glimpses of some hidden desires.

Dante finally gives up on the dildo up the hot hole,and moves to the bedroom to work the front side.

As we move from the shower down the pitch-black halls of the house to the bedroom,Dante makes some jokes about the artwork in the room. Jesus is in them and one of the owners of the BandB,who is very religious,has the artwork through out. Dante's comments are going to send the little pervert straight to hell,I'm sure! And after tonight,that's just what he'll be getting.

He whips off his towel and hops on the bed and starts wanking it to his kinky big girl porn! He fucked a chunky Mexican chick last night and she left her marks on him claw marks! He strokes a few times and gets hard and ready to pop and needs to slow down. First he goes for three days and now he wants to pop ten minutes in! Sheesh!

Dante is too close and decides that whacking his balls will help. OUCH! That was a bad idea but lets run with it a bit,shall we??

Dante jokes about this,that and other things and finally ends up smacking his nuts around. I tell him it was a pussy hit and offer to do better. He pulls back and says,''Go for it!'' So I do! He lets out a satisfying grunt from the whacking! Then he covers them up and protects them for a bit. Soon after ''abusing his children' he pulls up a video of the ugliest chick ever! So ugly even HE didn't like her! I tried not to judge his tastes.

Dante strokes for a bit and then lifts his legs to give us some views of his cute smooth ass and pucker. He turns over and shows off his tight buttocks! Grr could have mounted that right there!

But the video gets louder as the fat chick getting banged moans and Dante gets very hot and hard. He starts bucking and writhing,panting and working up a sweat. The small room soon smells like man and he is about to burst a good squirting nut!

Dante puffs and bucks a few more times and lets a good string of jizz fly into the air followed closely by more. It lands in his belly button,on this thigh and the bed. I move in for a clean up! He jumps at my tongue slathering up his cum,but he's a good sport about it and goes with the flow. And he tasted wonderful!

He jumps up and I follow his glowing white ass through the dark house to the shower (it was like following Casper the Ghost through a haunted house!). He cranks up the shower and the steam and has a very hot time to finish off our hot shoot.

Don't miss Day V when Dante takes a big leap going bisexual and beating more than just his balls!

Dante's sojourn into Gayness in full:

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Enjoy them all!
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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days - Day IV

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