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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days - Day V
Bi Cherry Popped

After a quick recap of previous beatings,shocks and talents,we open Str8 2 Gay in 6 Days - Day V: BLOW BI BLOW: BI Cherry Popped,with MORE beatings,as Gurl is subjected this time to wooden spoons while bent over the leather backstetcher. Dante does not look pleased at the prospect of being smacked with them,as they make a loud pop and make Gurl moan. But he does get some beatings.

Soon the spoons are traded in for a sharp little single string whip that whistles when used and stings like a bee! A double slapper comes out and makes lovely noises,as do the victims.

But the most dreaded of all! The item FIRST seen and discussed as to how horrible it can be finally emerges! The dreaded Chinese Flip Flop! It's horrible!

But it's not actually the worst. Next comes a bamboo cane,which leaves nice pink marks! Even Dante is marked up on his sensitive inner thigh. And the belt (just like dear ole' daddy's!),snapping wildly,does the same. Gurl lets out a lot of noise!

Finally,the Frat House paddle...fat,wooden,and filled with holes...comes out and makes incredible noise from both the smack and the screams from Gurl.

Going Bisexual Here comes the sex! After all this rough housing,it's finally time to play! What will Dante do? How will he react? Let's find out!

Master Tyler moves the still-bound Dante to the head of the stretcher,lining him up with Gurl's face. As his shorts go down,his dick goes up. Gurl blindly fumbles for his cock as Tyler runs a vibrator around her legs,abused ass and pussy.

Soon Tyler moves to the front of the line and pulls out his fat engorged tool. I'm sure you've seen his other flicks and know how big his cock is! He finger fucks Gurl's pussy,shoves his fat cock in her face and strokes Dante with his other hand. And THAT is why he's the Master!

As he suddenly drops to his knees and takes Dante into his mouth,Dante lifts his head back and can't watch! But just as suddenly he looks at me and begs for help! Seems Master Tyler is all teeth today! Funny,he wasn't that way with my hung daddy!! He sucked very well! So maybe it's just Dante protesting and trying to find any excuse to get the male off his dick. Regardless,he has nothing to fear,as Tyler lets the greedy Gurl back on it and moves around to the rear where he soon is dining on sweet straight hole,burying his face deep!

But Tyler,the true bisexual,is not satisfied with only one thing! So he moves to the rear and starts fucking,getting big moans with his big fuck stick. He gives Gurl's ass a nice hard pounding as Dante pounds her lips. They switch it up again and both have turns with Dante. But Dante likes jerking off too,so he sits back and watches the action for a bit.

Dante soon suits up his pickle for action and shoves it in Gurl's hot twat. The boys then take turns pounding Gurl's hole. As Tyler has her on her back,I sneak in and give her a zap with the bug zapper. A loud snap and a bright spark are heard and Gurl giggles maniacally! I give Master Tyler a zap and the reaction is priceless!!

With Tyler's big cock banging the moans out of her,Dante jerks off a nice little load over them. This spurs Tyler into action and soon he's busting his huge nut all over Gurl's face,hair,legs,blindfold and tits. His load is very impressive! Me rubbing his ass cheeks and crack helped a bit too! Woof! He even shot a squirt over her head and onto my plants beyond or somewhere! I heard it splat but never could find it!

Everyone starts to get dressed,cum in hair and all. I close with a nice shot of Gurl's well used ass slipping into her jeans. I hope you'll enjoy Tyler and his hot Gurl as they bring str8 Dante over to the Bi-Side!

Dante's sojourn into Gayness in full:

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Str8 2 Gay in 6 Days!: Day V: BLOW BI BLOW: Bi Cherry Popped

Str8 2 Gay in 6 Days!: Day VI: Daddy Does Dante!: Popping A Virgin's Cherry #4

Enjoy them all!
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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days - Day V - Bi Cherry Popped

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