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Rattlesnake Shake #5
Italian Beef - Jim

Rattlesnake Shake 5 stars Jim,a very sexy Italian daddy who got me all worked up just like Terry in RSS 4. Jim is VERY sensual and sexual. He runs the gamut on what he likes,from toys and bottoming,to she-males and eating pussy. He’s 5’ 10,about 175 with luscious dark brown hair and brown eyes. I loved running my hands thru his locks cuz they were soft and fluffy and he loved it. For you foot fetishist,he does the whole shoot with his ankle socks on.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

As I normally do,I start you off with Camera 1,showing you his interview and stripping. Once clips,Jim works up a nice long cock that is very hard and very ready. It gets nice and fat and has a slight S curve to it. After a while I start to play with his nipples and chest and he moans his pleasure right off. He LOVES to get fucked and play with toys and has a girlfriend who puts on a strap-on and fucks him in the ass regularly.

Jim lets me chew his tits,thrust my hands thru his hair and then,just as Terry did in ZCP #28,he laps at my boxers and tastes my copious precum. He moves a little faster and more aggressively than Terry and starts sucking my cock thru my shorts pretty quickly. It was so hot. After a nice session of photos,tit chewing and thru-shorts-cocksucking,Jim moves to the mattress and I get him a prize for his great talents. I get the Ken Ryker dildo out and he almost instantly shoves it right up his ass to the balls. I was fucking shocked as shit. He moans and rides the cock with ease and definite pleasure. After a short time with the dildo he let’s out a load onto his hand and belly.

Jim really loves toys,bottoming,sucking cock and is curious about she-males,too. Stay tuned for more from him.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The next section of video is a slideshow of the pics taken during the shoot. Jim poses very nice for the camera and gives me some great shots.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

I finish up this video with footage from the stationary Camera 2. This gives you a second look at Jim while taking pictures and giving you more angles to ogle him and his cumshot. This lets you see me taking advantage of his hot mouth and what takes place out of sight of Camera 1.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Rattlesnake Shake #5 - Italian Beef - Jim

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