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Daddy's Dungeon Discipline

Well,to start off,this is the first type of video I've ever filmed like this. It was a new experience in many ways. We filmed in a very dimly lit dungeon facility known as the Artists Group and I had to carry my own lighting and power from room to room. It proved to be a challenge. Secondly,the Master wanted to keep his identity anonymous,so I tried my best to keep his mug out of it,or at a dimly lit distance at all times. The slave,of course,had no say and was shown completely all the time. I'm sure I'll get a major flogging or paddling from the Master once he views this tape,as his mug does appear once in a while,even with my best efforts to edit him out. So,please,if you don't see me for a while,or the next time you do I can't sit comfortably,you'll know why!! Now,on with the show!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We started out in the Cage Room,aptly named due to a few different types of cages found there. In one corner was a dirty dog cage,the other a type of small jail cell. Slave Paul was put in the cell and the Master began by giving his nipples a tit torturing twist. Slave Paul moans and gasps as his nips are worked over. After a short time in the cage,the slave was moved to the Table Room for a more thorough inspection. He was felt over to see if he shaved his body right,and then given a rubber gloved anal inspection as well. He passed both for the most part. After a good finger fucking,slave Paul is on his feet again to have a large metal clamp screwed onto his nuts and a little weight slung from the end. His nuts look good and swollen from their torment. But soon it is time to be moved back into the Cage Room for a good old fashioned ass spanking. The slave is laid across his Master's lap like a bad child. With leather gloves in place,the slave's ass is reddened with pop after pop from the Master's hand. When his ass became nice and rosy red,the Master moved on to a small paddle. Then it was off to the sawhorse for even more heavy duty paddling. It didn't take long for the slave to hit his limits.

With his ass still stinging from his whooping,it was time to move into the back room (a very crowded and cluttered place full of odd racks and toys for who knows what kind of physical stimulations) where slave Paul is chained and shackled to the St. Andrew's Cross. This is a huge wooden X along one wall. With the clamp and weight still on his nutsack,Paul is flogged across his chest and stomach with a leather whip. After a good warming up,Master moves in to do a bit more intense tit torture. But,after clamping down on his nipples and adding a little weight to the mix,it proves to be too much for the slave to take,and he cries out for his Master's kindness to release him from his pain. When the flogging is moved to the back,slave Paul can take it like a man. He begs his Master for more and is soon glowing a nice red. But when the Master moves on to a leather strap,his color soon hits Red,and all play stops. As the session moves on,the nipple clamps are removed,and Paul lets out a loud barking from the painful release. His Master cools the red hot nips down by sucking on them voraciously.

To conclude the session,we move back into the Table Room,where a 3 pound weight on a cord is strapped to the slave's testicles. On all fours on the leather table,Paul is worked over. But to everyone's horror (and twisted amusement) the slave's balls shift and the clatter of the weight hitting the floor (almost on my foot) jars us all. It gives Paul an unexpected jolt of pain,and then he lets out a big blob of precum. Pain and pleasure indeed run hand in hand. As the session draws to a climactic close,Paul is flipped onto his back and his Master once again dons a rubber glove to fingerfuck him to explosive orgasm. Slave Paul blows a very large and gooey load all over his hand,prick and belly. And as the Master pulls out of his slave's ass,he says quite rightly,''And a good time was had by all.''

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

I shot on two cameras,as I usually do,so as not to miss anything. In this case,the stationary camera caught a whole new angle to some of the spanking and especially good angles for the St. Andrew's Cross flogging. So I've included a portion of this here. You'll see some of the behind the scenes type movements and all the positions you have to move into to film this stuff and how treacherous some of the rooms were to filming. But,again,after a nice flogging,and then a fingerfucking,Paul cums big. I'm sure you'll love this angle as much as the first. And throughout the whole shoot,I nearly got killed by falling over,tripped on cords,got hit with a fogging whip in the kisser,and more. So I hope you'll enjoy our little tumble into the world where pleasure is pain,and pain is pleasure. And maybe we'll journey back here again sometime.

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Daddy's Dungeon Discipline

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