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Lover's J.O.

Lover's J.O. features two of my best buds,Mark and his hot twink bf Clark. They decided they wanted to do porn for me and came over to do their solo debuts. So,Mark started things out. He's 33yo,5' 5'',175lbs and has an everhard cock and massive fucking balls! As his bf states,his balls support his cock.

Camera 1:

A nudist,Mark gets naked fast and starts wanking for us. He giggles and jokes and then gets into his thick cock and fat,heavy balls. Soon he surprises me by getting out a black double dildo and shoves is deep into his ass. He nearly loses the fucking toy as he cums a great load on his belly,grunting and growling as he cums. He's got a great dark stubble on his broad cut jaw and a dark fur covering his beefy chest. If you like manly,yet boyish guys,you'll love Mark.

And as soon as he's done,it's time for his twinky bf Clark to follow suit. I've been dying to see Clark naked ever since Mark showed my bf and I his nude pics on a cell phone. So we get him naked and wanking as well. Clark is only 23yo,6' 2'',and 175 lean pounds. He's got a killer smile and a great cock. He strokes for a while on the couch and then I move him to the backstretcher for some additional angles. As I work his nipples a bit and run my hands up and down his body,his balls suddenly suck up and vanish a sure sign he's about to explode in orgasm. And he does a nice creamy load onto his hand and stomach.

As a surprise to me,Mark is off to the side,watching a porno and his lover cumming and starts to get off again. I rush over to see what I can capture on video as the little fucker gets off a second time. He's the horniest fuck I've ever met! After a few pics,the boys kiss and then head into my kitchen to raid the fridge,still clips,btw! Then it's off to the spa for a dip.

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Camera 2:

My tripod cam gives you a great angle of Mark getting off! Then a head on shot of Clark as he cums. Slideshow of sweet pics of the two lovers jacking off,cumming,and then cuddle/kissing after I even caught a shot of Mark licking Clarks toes!

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Camera 3:

Cam three gives you more angles and shows Mark shoving the big dildo up his ass and a side view as Clark spews forth his love juice! And,don't miss the previews of 18 smokin' hot ZCP features after the main show!

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Lover's J.O.

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