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Arousal Therapy #1
Part 2

Part II of my debut series of erotic massage videos shows you all the action from my stationary side cam. Here you'll get great new angles of both stud's sweet bubble asses! You'll also get to see the muscles groped and rubbed,the cocksucking and more from a whole new view. Our debut couple is Masseuse Mark rubbing twink Tyler. You've hopefully had a chance to see them both already in ZCP65,ZCP67,ZCP69 and upcoming Part III,ZCP83. You'll be seeing more of them both in the near future,as well!

With the massage table set up and our hunky masseuse ready to rub him in all the right places,Tyler starts to undress. He shows off a bit in his nice 'n' super sexy slinky boxers,showing off a GREAT basket. But,alas,this show was not about underwear,so he lost them quickly and climbs on the table,face down. The oil comes out and the massage begins,and it's not long before Mark is grunting and growling as he rubs,sporting a full hard on and getting good and close to his client as he can,smelling him. Mark is sporting a dark,full face of hair today and it gives him an almost primal look as he starts to get excited.

Without much warning,Mark spreads Tyler's sweet youthful ass cheeks and shoves his furry face and chin in deep. His tongue bursts forth and delves into the sweet pucker of Tyler's asshole. Tyler reaches out and takes Mark's cock in hand as the ass eating continues,getting more frenzied. But,this is a massage,so Mark moves on,working all the fine muscles in Tyler's hot body.

As Mark moves back to the shoulders,Tyler feels something poking at his head and lifts up to take Mark into his eager mouth. It's a nice cock sucking moment (with Mark continuing to massage) that finally stops as Mark heads back down Tyler's 6' 3'' frame to plunge his hot tongue back into an even tighter hole. He really gives the ass a nice working over a tongue massage to compliment the body massage. Mark works on the legs and then sucks on Tyler's large feet,then heads back up for more of Tyler's hot lip service. It gets pretty frenzied as Mark starts thrusting forward,slapping Tyler's chin with his MASSIVE ball sack.

FLIP PLEASE! It's time to massage the front,and Mark wastes no time heading for Tyler's sweet stick. I couldn't let him have all the fun (after all,it is a dick big enuf for TWO!) and sucked the cock while Mark worked the balls. It was fun,butting heads over that hot meat 'n' potato combo! Woof! But I soon backed off and let Mark have it again,and he was soon getting nice faces of ecstasy out of Tyler,making him start to pant. Mark,not to leave any body part unattended,worked over both of Tyler's large feet,sucking the toes,heels and more,getting them all sloppy and wet. But soon he was back on that cock and bending Tyler's legs back to again get at his succulent ass before finishing off the massage.

The official massage ends and Tyler rolls to his side to get at Mark's cock. The sucking gets quite heated and soon Mark is crawling on the table too to have a great session of 69ing. Mark's massive balls nearly smother our twink,the huge balls flopping down to cover Tyler's nose and face but Tyler presses on and gets just enough air to keep him alive and sucking. Tyler is ready to blow and Mark pulls his lips off just in time to see a few nice thick squirts cum forth from Tyler's pink prick. The cock jumps several times without anyone touching it,each time ejaculating out a blob of spunk onto his tight belly. Mark soon grabs hold and pumps out the last remaining drops of cum,then dives back down onto the cock to take it deep into his throat (I mixed the cumshots from all 3 cams for you to see here!). Mark then presses his bearded mug into the pool of cum on Tyler's tight stomach and sucks and laps up every warm drop,slurping up the remaining bits.

Now it's Mark s turn to blast forth with his cummy goodness,and he puts out one of the biggest loads I've ever seen from him and I've seen him cum lots! He sits up,Tyler now eating his ass,and jerks his meat furiously. His balls slap back and forth violently,looking as if they would hurt from the abusive pounding,until they spill forth their treasures. Mark lets fly a thick load onto Tyler,splattering his milky white seed onto to his chest,shoulder and arm,into his armpit,onto the massage table (and only discovered later,onto my floor!!!). He pants and growls as the jizz flies. Exhausted of their spunk,the boys relax and get suddenly giggly. Mark lovingly cleans up Tyler. As he gets up from the table,you can see the huge pool of sweat left on the sheets from their session. Slideshow!!!

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Arousal Therapy #1 - Part 2

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