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JackBuddies #52

This video has 2 very hot men that are basically straight. Though each had done a lot of solo and toys shoots, this is their first 3 shoots with another man and you can see their nervous and apprehensive at first. You will also see that change! They warm up considerably and Dennis almost drowns Clay when he shoots on his face several times! I shot these awhile back and was still playing with camera angles, exposures and such, so please forgive some minor technical glitches and juts watch the hot straight men suck and fuck!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Clay and Dennis have reluctantly agreed to do a shoot together. I have known both of them for awhile and they have known each other casually also. But that was in very casual terms and they had their clothes on, but that's about to change. They are nervous and apprehensive, so after they strip and get in bed, I put on a porno for them to focus on. As they watch the porn, their hands automatically go to their cocks. They start sitting with a considerable distance between them as they starts jacking their dicks. I ask them to move closer and the tension increases when I ask them to grab each other's cocks! But they do as told. Dennis even moves over for a more extended play session with Clay's stiffening cock, but when I suggest he suck it, I get a big grin. But he's thinking ''Hell, no!'' So after Clay plays with Dennis cock, I give him the same suggestion and to my surprise, he does!

After he sucks Dennis' cock, they go back to their own cocks with their hands and I ask Clay if he wants to get fucked, and he says he is game for it! The thought of a fuck seems to get Dennis harder than the blow job did. Clay gets on his knees and Dennis fingers his ass while he jacks his own cock. Dennis has quite a dick on him and to help Clay in taking it, I suggest they let him play with a toy first. I toss him a large vibrator and Clay starts to work on his own ass while Dennis keeps jacking his own hard dick. The guys try some different positions to ''practice'' for me and they also practice their fuck noises; they aren't really fucking (yet) but they are getting more comfortable with the idea. This is an often used tool with straight men, but you the audience very rarely get to see it. But they don't get comfortable enough to fuck today, so I ask Clay to sucks Dennis' cock some more. He starts licking his tanned nipples and licks his way down to his cock.

I sense that the guys are about to get nervous, so I decide to try to get the cum shots and call this a practice shoot. They get comfortable in the bed; I leave the positions to them. They focus on the porno and jack their cocks. Clay is the first to shoot, and he cums on his own taut belly. He milks his cock dry and then it is Dennis turn to perform. He puts a rather large butt plug in his ass (If you saw him in Confessions of a Bisexual Stud, you know how into toys he is!) and starts jacking his cock and watching the porno. Clay is still laying there with his load on his belly, so I thought Dennis might as well cum on Clay. Dennis moves into position, the butt plug still up his ass as Clay plays with his balls. He shoots on Clay's chest and squeezes every drop out of his cock. After Clay wipes the double load off, he does a little butt show for the camera and after a few shots together, we call it a day!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The next time I got them in the studio together was almost 10 months later. They are much more relaxed and are already naked and Clay is between Dennis legs licking his balls working his way toward his cock. He hungrily gobbles the stiffening cock and can't seem to get enough! After a few minutes, Dennis drops to his knees and starts sucking on Clay! They go back and forth sucking on each until they move to the sofa to get comfortable. Clay has Dennis cock deep in his mouth when a mystery man slips in and slides his cock in Dennis' eager mouth! After a short 3-way, Clay gives Dennis a serious oral work out. I let the camera roll as he explores his friend's anatomy in a way he never has before. He seems to be satisfying a natural curiosity about another man's equipment! When Dennis is hard, Clay decides to sit on his cock. He grimaces as the 8-incher slides up his ass bareback, but as he rides it, Clay's own dick gets hard! They go back and forth from sucking to fucking and seem to be having a much better time than before. Clay rides it facing toward and away from the camera and then stretches out on his stomach for Dennis to fuck him lying down. Then, out of the sidelines, the mystery man comes back and starts to fuck Dennis! Clay runs his hands all over Dennis' chest as the tanned hunk jacks his cock aiming straight at Clay's handsome face. He keeps pumping his fist and soon Clay has a huge thick load all over his neck. He doesn't seem in any hurry to wipe it off and poses casually with the thick cum.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

The guy's third shoot is just six weeks later and they are even more at ease with each other and the male on male sex concept. Dennis is already at the studio and is relaxing without his pants. Heh, no complaints from me and when you see his semi-hard cock neither will you! Clay shows up and strips immediately and they sit on the sofa buck naked shooting the breeze. Dennis stands in a spread eagle position and Clay comes up behind him and starts rubbing over his entire body, grabbing this, caressing that, feeling some, squeezing others, just generally enjoying Dennis' body. He gets on the floor between Dennis spread legs to tongue his balls and lick his cock. Licking soon becomes cock sucking and Dennis considerable cock becomes even bigger and harder. Clay goes further south and starts licking his butt. He rims the hell out of Dennis and when his tongue gets tires, they take a short smoke break on the couch.

Clay assumes the spread eagle position and Dennis gives his body a good once over before going down between his legs to lick and suck Clay's cock. He takes his entire cock in his mouth; they get in bed and start jacking their cocks. Clay starts licking Dennis chest and cock and works his way around to his ass again giving him a thorough tongue bath. Dennis slides a condom on his cock while Clay lays on his stomach with his legs spread wide in anticipation. Clay raises his ass to meet the hard dick about to slide into his ass. Clay squirms as he gets fucked on his stomach and on his back before sitting all the way down on that huge cock. Clay rides the cock like he never has before and it is thrilling to watch. This is the footage I have been waiting for! Clay gets fucked really well and then Dennis shoots a very thick load all over Clay's handsome face and mouth, and Clay says, he's, ''taken one for the team!"

The two guys take a hot shower together and take turns soaping each other up and down, back and front. They are so relaxed now and so at ease with each other that I just let the camera run and capture their banter and jokes about sucking cock and dropping the soap.

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JackBuddies #52

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